Building your dreams

When we are really small, everything has an awe to it, but slowly as we grow up we begin to lose that awe and just become narrow minded. It is easier for kids to dream of fantasies and believe that they would become real, but for an adult, we deal in practicalities. We deal in the more realistic, more achievable dreams in our lives. Dreams are more the figments of imagination put together by our subconscious, it is the mirror with which we can see what we really want. I know it sounds very Freudian to believe that dreams could have some hidden meaning but I believe it does. Not the ones that we have at night, but the ones which we build each and every day.

Many a times, when one is going through high school and college they are questioned where do you see yourself in five or ten years. Those answers are the individual aspirations each human being cherishes. The point being that we all dream and we all can build our dreams. The problem is no one is really sure when one should stop dreaming. Each of us have a sort of boundary beyond which our brains would probably not dream because they become unrealistic. Any such boundary is different for most individuals and the reason being that the willpower and effort each person is willing to put into making his/her dream come true is different. There is no inhibition for a five year old but their imagination is also smaller than someone who is older and wiser. It is kind of sad that a forty year old doesn’t dream of riding a dragon and conquering the world because the imagination of a forty year is more capable of forming those images in accurate details.

We build our dreams all around our lives so that we can chase them. It is weird that none of the human beings who are older than ten would fantasize about an unreal world, and I might be offending many Harry Potter and Twilight fans out there but seriously all those fans are well aware that they are reading fiction, unless there are some under the illusion that it is all real. Chasing dreams is as much fun as building them, but it might be more frustrating at times because the time needed to make a dream into a reality is undecided.

Building one’s dream is quite a responsibility, maybe because one’s future somehow shapes according to their dreams. Most important part of building a dream, is to build it yourself. It should not be any one else’s. Your dream should be your own, it should be a private ritual to create your own dream. Next step is to discuss it with people, though be careful not to let them steal your ideas but discussing dreams might be a bit helpful in expanding them and getting the details accurately. The next is the most important step of making them real. We all think that our dreams are too stupid or unreal, but as long as you are not dreaming of vampires and unicorns, your dreams are very real.

Once a dream is born, it unravels itself around your life in a way that the more you try escaping it, the more you come across it. Once you have a dream you cannot kill it, the only thing you can do is keep chasing it unless you finally get it or modify it to fit the achievable. It is quite sad if one has to give up their dream cos every dream is like a small baby that you nurture in order to one day finally leave it out in the world to see.

Building dreams is somewhat like building house. One needs a model but everyone has a preference and each of us can contribute something to build their own personal dream. If you haven’t got a dream yet, close your eyes and get started. It is never too late to dream.

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