what to do when everything goes wrong

I think the most difficult thing about planning any events is the number of external factors you cannot control, the more that number the greater possibility that everything will be ruined. I realized this while planning this birthday party for a friend recently. Firstly, never plan a birthday for someone who is too close to you, it doesn’t end well because you know too much to care too much, and then even the slightest things that go wrong would trigger you off. I wanted to plan this birthday because I wanted to give my friend the best birthday party and it isn’t turning out even slightly like I wanted.

I decided to dress up but my dress is incomplete, so that plan is out in the drain. Half of the people who are coming to this party will leave in 1 hour into the event. I don’t know whether the gift I have made is even good enough to give and it isn’t complete. I am supposed to have made posters which I haven’t. I haven’t even showered and I have some work in 3 hours. So basically, planning sucks. Most importantly, I wanted to plan it all myself but now, another friend is coming to help me. I don’t need help, I want to do this myself. I want to be able to give my friend the best birthday ever!

I am still wondering what to do now that everything for me is sort of ruined. Yes I know there have been worse birthdays but this one I wanted to be great. I should not want things in life, the universe takes it up as a personal responsibility to make sure I don’t get it. Now, I should go work, much work to do! Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time who read this.

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