This is about beginnings. Small or big. It really doesn’t matter. Most beginnings are not as great as we want them to be, the best beginnings are usually those which are simple and the ones we don’t even know are real beginnings. There can be a beginning for an a day long adventure, or a life long adventure, a beginning consisting of many countries involved and some beginnings just happen in solitude. All beginnings have one thing in common, it always begins with an ending.

One can always argue that this is not true, not all beginnings are a result of an ending. My question to any such argument is how is a beginning possible without being preceded by an ending. The beginning of a person’s life is also the ending of a nine months pregnancy. Change whenever caused has an ending followed by another new beginning. Like in the Semisonic’s song, ‘Closing time’ there’s a line that says ‘Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end’. I agree with it completely and not just because I like the song but because the thing about all beginnings is that it was preceded by an ending and that it would also end at some point.

I am not that fond of endings but when I think of all the beginnings it gives way to, I calm myself and think of the infinite possibilities it brings. With every ending, comes an infinite possible beginnings and though only one of them would be the chosen path for a human being, the idea that it could be so many is entralling. We all live in a world where people are constantly mobile, their relationships are mobile and so are their feelings. One should not regret for the endings but celebrate beginnings.

At graduations, when one is being sad about missing school or college, there is always the option of looking at it as a beginning. It might not be the best beginning or the beginning you wanted but there would be one beginning. The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is also by the way they look at an ending, they can look at the beginnings or just consider the end.

Something funny I realized about beginnings is that most people have a different account for it. The same beginning can consist of very different stories. For instance, two people who become friends later might remember their first meeting differently because both of those people might have felt different things at their beginning. The reality we perceive is always hindered by own subconscious ideas. The beginnings of any story can always be distorted to fit the ending. For instance, if two people start dating and then end up being marriage after many years, they would not admit that in the beginning they considered their relationship to be nothing but a fling. They would probably convince everyone that since the moment they met they were soulmates.

The beginning can be tampered with and so can be the ending, but the thing is they both even though considered highly important are of little significance. One can celebrate a beginning and mourn an ending yes, but no one really remembers a beginning or ending as much as one remembers the whole journey in between. We usually place too much significance in the beginnings and endings which makes us short sighted in seeing how much we have evolved throughout the process, from the beginning to the ending.

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