Another day

Another day seems to go past away and I cannot think of anything I have done remarkable or anything worth knowing in the past 24 hours that I have survived in this harsh world. Somehow, this world gets more and more interesting every day. The human perception changes every micronsecond of our worthless existence. We laugh, we cry but we never really understand how every smile and every tear is affecting the way we look at the world. The world we know is not saintly and there isn’t much of a reason to it. Maybe it is because of the selfishness of mankind or the way mankind evolved through ‘survival of the fittest’ but whatever may be the reason, the world is not perfect. I do not say this because of the tonnes of noxious fumes being thrown into the atmosphere every day, or the tumultous amount of non-biodegradable rubbish being created, or the way one human being steps over the dreams of another to fulfill their own life’s destiny. There are many things that I find wrong with this mother Earth of ours but they are all my opinions. Some people might find it perfect and I will not disagree. I think the way the water rises and falls in the oceans is perfect, the human body is perfect, the time of rise and set of sun is perfect. I just think that it is the homo sapiens who are causing the imperfections, we are the one vilyfying the mother nature. Not all individuals contribute to the greatness of civilization, but all the beings do add up to the problems. In one way or another we all are misusing the Earth we love.

What I wonder the most is that even though I have these ideas in my head I cannot change the my lifestyle? I haven’t started recycling, or started saving water, or planted trees, or even saved electricity. I haven’t done anything for this land I live on in my entire existence and still somehow I feel I have the right to tell everyone else to do something about it. I am nothing but a hypocrite. Yet, I feel I am more split into these two people, like each of us are, into the person who likes to live peacefully without worrying about anything in the world and another who knows where we are driving the ship of this Earth. We all have at some point made speeches about environment preservation but barely any of us do anything about it. In schools, kids are taught to recycle but no one reinforces their behavior because at home, they see their parents living their lives without giving a thought about how their actions who effect the environment. The motivation to build good habits is not as essential as the one to keep them. In school, I have learnt that there are many countries where the basic need for clean water is not met but do I save water? No. It is hard to always keep tract of the environment especially because all this while we are so busy being selfish and self-involved. It isn’t a wrong thing to do. Thinking about oneself is good, all we need to do is believe that the environment is a part of ourself and the day we start being selfish about the environment the problems can be solved. I know, the tonnes of waste that already exist cannot be eradicated in a day, the number of vehicles and factories emitting fuels cannot be removed magically from the earth surface but if every day we do something little, something significant, we might be able to save the Earth we love.

All we need to do is that believe that no day is just another day, we can always do something to improve this world. Even though our contribution might seem insignificant to us, the sense of belonging to the planet would exponentially increase if we just become selfish about it for once. Our planet deserves better than being covered in the pile of rubbish the human beings create. The world is awesome and we know it, it’s high time we save it.

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